Limiting government and limiting pollution and depletion can overlap. Here’s how.

June 22, 2024 by Joshua
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Want to hear what we should do to decrease polluting, depleting, and plunder? Milton Friedman’s advice on curbing government spending to reduce inflation applies: “A tough policy that takes courage.

Watch this video, but substitute the following, So I hear: “Pollution is the most destructive disease known to modern society.”

Instead ofSubstitute
EconomyEconomy and people
Employment/UnemploymentMore technology/Less technology

He knows what has to be done in one area. It turns out it’s what we need in another area.

To clarify: I’m not promoting or discouraging his ideas in economics or philosophy. I’m only saying even this limited-government free-market advocate supports big government action in domains where he considers government action appropriate. If you don’t advocate limiting government as much as him, I propose you consider government banning pollution too.

To clarify: I’m also not suggesting a word-for-word translation. I’m talking about the letter to some degree, but the spirit.

Milton Friedman Donahue

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