What institutions have men created that women don’t encroach, break apart, or both?

November 7, 2018 by Joshua
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When I was in junior high school, Philadelphia’s Central High School for boys went co-ed. Its former sister school, Girls’ High across the street, remains all female. I was in the first class that included girls all four years.Gender symbols

Around the same time, Columbia College went co-ed. Barnard College across the street remains all female.

The cub scouts and boy scouts of America became co-ed this year. Girl scouts remains all female.

I’m not sure the status of all-male clubs at Harvard, but last I heard, the university was trying to close them or force them to admit women. Many women protested that all-female clubs being forced to become co-ed.

Are there any all-male institutions that women have not forced their way into? What organizations can men join to spend time with just men that women won’t encroach?

Why don’t the women forcing men’s groups to admit women force women’s groups to admit women? Does men get together mean they are oppressing women? Why can’t women leave men alone (obviously not all women, but some women for nearly every group of men)? Why do some women see men together as harming women? Do they hate men, going by their actions regardless of what they say?

I’m not a historian or anthropologist, but I believe science began by mostly men and a small number of women asking and answering questions about nature. Over the millennia, they developed many results that became science. I suspect their goals weren’t to create a mostly male field, but it happened, which doesn’t mean they have ill will.

Now that science has stature, many people want half of scientists to be women. I doubt people designed it from the start to keep women out of office. I suspect engineering, math, law, and many other fields were started by men, not to keep women out but because women showed less interest.

Now STEM fields seem valuable and women want in. They seem mad at men for keeping them out. I’ll be the first to admit I’m missing something historical, but what about the centuries of women who didn’t participate in them? Where were the women when the fields developed at first?

What other male dominated fields were simply started by men that women didn’t help start and now want in?

The draft is only men. Not many people arguing women should have the responsibility of being drafted. They may suggest women should have the right and privilege to serve, which is almost the opposite of the responsibility. A negligible number of people work to force the responsibility of a draft on women.

Why do women try to get into every place men get together, but few protest women-only spaces?

Why don’t women create institutions that men want to break into and undo?

Why do men respect women’s spaces and not vice versa?

The number one place in this article, 10 Places In The World That Are Off-Limits To Women, is a water park in Germany. Perhaps a big deal to many, but it seems less serious than a college.

This article, 21 Things Women Can Do That Guys Can’t, celebrates advantages women have, like getting out of speeding tickets, being viewed as cougars instead of “dirty old men,” and blaming their actions on PMS.

The number 2 item in Top 10 Things Only Real Men Can Do is “Treat women right,” that is, treating women respectfully, nearly the opposite of what the admittedly frivolous previous article suggested.

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