More isn’t less, but people keep making more, trying to make less.

May 11, 2024 by Joshua
in Nature

I spoke today to someone who co-founded a business making fashionable clothes from fabric that would otherwise have been disposed of.

Even in sustainability, nearly everyone wants to make more. I’m not going to stop her. I support her salvaging stuff that would have become pollution, but more isn’t less.

More than more “sustainable” clothing brands, we need fewer H&Ms and clothing overall, but more people are making “sustainable” clothing brands than trying to stop excess clothing manufacture.

More than more electric vehicles, we need fewer roads, but more people are making the former than trying to rewild the latter.

More than more housing and food, we need fewer people (no, I didn’t say eugenics, euthanasia, or any of the knee-jerk unthinking responses; as you full well know, I meant the voluntary, non-coercive programs implemented in nations around the world), but more people are building more housing and growing more food.

More than more high-tech cures, we need less doof and screen time.

More than more growth, we need less advertising.

More than more recycling, we need less extraction and doof.

You get the idea.

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