My strategies in terms of my orchestra model

March 7, 2023 by Joshua
in Leadership

Using my orchestra model of sustainability leadership gives convenient way to describe my strategies to achieve my mission:

My mission is to change American (and global) culture to expect acting sustainably will bring not deprivation and sacrifice but rewarding emotions, in my case joy, fun, freedom, community, connection, meaning, and purpose.

I’ve been struggling to find ways to express them more simply since the media is covering me more but only reporting what they can see: using solar panels, climbing to the roof, and superficial things like that. They’re missing the mission and strategy.

I’m working on describing my strategies to achieve that mission. In terms of my orchestra analogy they are to play scales myself and practice until I master how to play my instrument, then influence potentially great musicians to practice until they master their instruments, then to lead the public to love music. If I live in a culture that denigrates music filled with people taking sledgehammers to pianos to where I join them, before playing scales, I have to stop living by their values and start living by mine.

So, broadly, in orchestra terms, my strategies are:

  1. Live by my values (appreciating music, not breaking instruments)
  2. Practice until I master my instrument and love playing
  3. Lead others to practice to mastery and loving playing
  4. Lead the public to love music

Describing my strategies directly, not by analogy:

  1. Live my values (avoiding polluting, trying to live sustainably)
  2. Practice leading others also to love living sustainably
  3. Lead influential people to live sustainably and love it
  4. Lead the public to expect to enjoy living sustainably

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