Nature surviving: the blue jay that visits my rooftop

July 8, 2023 by Joshua
in Nature

I mostly post about lost nature, but here’s a post on its resilience: a blue jay that visits my rooftop. I’m not a bird watcher, but who doesn’t love colorful birds?

Growing up in Philadelphia, I saw blue jays all the time. Blue birds were less common and disappeared over the course of my childhood. In Manhattan, pigeons and house sparrows comprise nearly all bird species. Sometimes I’ll see a starling, hawk, or gull. As human population and consumption keeps overshooting what Earth can sustain, other species suffer.

This blue jay doesn’t wait around for me to take its picture so I only have a few quick shots. I’ll post more if they come.

As much as I wrote this post to celebrate a part of nature, it shows how pathetic our situation that one measly bird represents something positive in a region that once contended for the greatest biodiversity on the continent.

EDIT: A new sighting:

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