Is the New Yorker following me?

July 28, 2014 by Joshua
in Humor

It seems the New Yorker is following me, or at least fishing for stories in my blog. Witness the evidence in this week’s issue.

Item 1

In week’s article “Swim, Swam, Swum,” Ben McGrath writes about some people thinking about swimming in the Hudson River.

Four years ago, three guys had an idea: that it might be nice to swim in the East River. “It came about pretty simply,” one of them, Dong-Ping Wong, recalled recently, on one of those humid, ambition-melting summer mornings.

“We’re kind of pussies,” Wong said, noting that none of them had yet taken the plunge, either in the East River or in the Hudson, where they are now focusing their studies.

They started four years ago, just two years after I swam across the Hudson River with my friend Dave. (We actually got in the water and took pictures.)

Item 2

Then, days after I wrote about my surfing lesson and sunburn on Rockaway Beach, they covered a bar/restaurant I visited a couple months ago, “Rockaway Beach Surf Club.”

Item 3

I don’t suspect they’re reading my email, but last night I got this email on B-corps from a friend helping me with the social entrepreneurship class I’m teaching in the fall:

Not sure if you know this one:

And what do you know, James Surowiecki publishes a story today about B-corps, “Companies with Benefits.”

I’m on to you, New Yorker!

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