People are swearing off air travel because of climate anxiety

July 21, 2022 by Joshua
in Nature

Yahoo! Life Unearthed quoted me in a story about people avoiding flying for climate reasons, People are swearing off air travel because of climate anxiety, by Jasmin Singer. I would add plenty more reasons to avoid flying beyond climate, including pollution, displacing people and wildlife from their land, and doing to nations what cars do to cities, but they focused on climate.

The article also quotes Flight Free USA, whom I work with and admire.

Check out the article!

And embrace living locally and loving where you are. When you do, you realize everything flying brings you, you can get without it, and without polluting, turning everywhere into tourist traps, not living far away from people you love, and so on.

We’ve become so spoiled and addicted that we think we need to fly. Only a few percent of people in the world fly internationally or multiple times per year. Everyone who does is part of the few percent who contribute more than half flying’s pollution and emissions.

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