Pleasantly surprised by my own success: People choosing to avoid flying for their own reasons

December 18, 2023 by Joshua
in Awareness, Freedom

For some time I’ve been saying, half-jokingly, to people who start showing an interest in more sustainability with me:

“Be careful spending time with me or you may find yourself avoiding flying and telling me how much it improves your life not to fly.”

I don’t want to overstate things since only a few people have said it so far, but increasingly people are saying just that sentiment to me. More than one have decided to stop flying altogether. Others are cutting way down.

Most importantly, they’re doing it to improve their lives, partly to enjoy their worlds more and partly to enjoy their relationships more, but I think mainly out of compassion with and connection to all people everywhere who would suffer for their self-indulgence if they flew. Recognizing the consequences of their actions isn’t burdensome because those consequences hurt people (and wildlife), they’re liberating and empowering by enabling them to act consciously. We don’t have to keep trying to suppress or deny what we know or to keep willfully ignorant.

What is more human and loving than to consider everyone affected by everything we do and to act accordingly?

What does the saying mean: the kingdom of God is within you?

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