Quora Saturday: Space stations, the beginning of time, alexithymia, burpees in elevators, speed, and stamina

October 22, 2016 by Joshua
in Quora

Continuing my Saturday series on posting my answers to questions from Quora, here are my next questions answered:

Q: Why don’t we build a classic space station?

A: There’s an easy way to see the answer, and it’s not about technology.

Take on the project.

You’re just as qualified as anyone to make it happen. There’s no position in government or any place else that gives anyone more ability than you to build a space station. There’s no university degree in space-station-building.

If you believe we can do it, take the lead and make it happen. Figure out all the resources necessary, the steps to take, and so on.

If you find that despite it being physically possible, as you claim, you still don’t see how to make it happen or don’t feel like it, there’s your answer.

Q: Was there time before the universe was created?

A: We have no observations or data to tell us so we can only guess and imagine. We have only observed our current universe, which has time, and it doesn’t constrain any guesses about other situations.

If you know of reproducible data beyond that, I recommend publishing. In the meantime, we can only work with observations we have.

Q: How would I write a character who has no emotions, or who has alexithymia?

A: Watch and study Rain Man, Awakenings, and similar movies. Or read similar books.

The conditions may differ, but the challenges to a writer have similarities. You can learn from other writers’ experiences.

Q: What happens if one does burpees in a moving elevator?

A: This is more of a physics question. Luckily I have experience with physics and burpees, having done over 70,000 so far.

During the brief acceleration and deceleration it will be easier or harder to jump or do the push-up part. When it’s moving at constant speed or stopped they will be the same.

Other issues:

  • The space will usually be cramped so they’ll be harder to do. Many elevators may be too small
  • People entering and leaving will get in your way
  • You’ll probably feel compelled to explain to people why you’re doing burpees in an elevator
  • Most elevators aren’t well ventilated, which may be harder when you’re breathing heavy
  • The cables stretch when you jump and land, so you won’t have as stable a surface as on the ground if it’s a cable elevator
  • The building management may ask you what you’re doing

Q: Can 100 burpees everyday build running speed or just stamina?

A: With mostly burpees as training, I ran a lap of Central Park, which is six miles with several big hills in under 7-minute-miles in my 40s. I posted about it in “The rewards, pleasures, and life lessons of running fast” if you want to read about it.

Anyway, you didn’t mention your distance. I can’t speak to sprints, but burpees also figured into my marathon training. At longer distances cardiovascular becomes important, which burpees help with.

I’d recommend not doing only burpees though.

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