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October 21, 2016 by Joshua
in Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

See the new Spodek Academy Facebook page…

My courses (available now!) and book (launching in February!) are growing beyond this blog and deserve their own site. Yesterday I announced the new Spodek Academy web page (despite my aversion to Facebook and LinkedIn).

Today I’m announcing the Facebook page, which will host forums, discussions, and more on leadership, entrepreneurship, active learning, hustling, The Fundamentals of Hustling, and more.

As subscribers, would you please click here or the image below and like the page? You’ll be glad you did as the community there grows with alumni of my courses and other skilled, passionate leaders and people who get the job done with empathy, self-awareness, meaning, value, importance, and purpose.

Spodek Academy on Facebook

You’ll probably receive LinkedIn connection requests anyway.

More ways to improve your leadership (and life) to come…

For reference, here’s the Spodek Academy page:

Spodek Academy


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