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July 23, 2014 by Joshua
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One of my readers used my blog in a job interview. I don’t think he planned it, but he got the job.

Here’s his story:

I used your Introvert/Extrovert X-Y axis in an interview a few years ago. He asked “Are you an introvert or an extrovert”, and I said “Neither, and that’s a dangerous question, and here’s why” and started diagramming on a napkin.

They seemed impressed, and I got the job.

He sounded gutsy to me since people generally don’t like their world views challenged. To do so with someone he barely knows in a position to evaluate him adds to the challenge, but if he knows what he’s talking about and how to say it, a bigger challenge only shows off his skills more.

Incidentally, here is my favorite post on how counterproductive I find the bankrupt concepts of introversion and extroversion. I’m honored and flattered he used the material. I presume he’d used it already to change how he viewed his environment and self. I hope the concepts continue to gain traction.

His name is Josh Thompson and he is blogging daily now too. I happened to email him from reading his posts and asked him if he had started writing more recently. He said:

And yes – I’m trying to write every day for 100 days. I have no standards beyond “Publish 100 words”

which sounds to me like a SIDCHA, which I call healthy.

He gets credit for taking on the challenge. I feel good learning more people in my community successfully implementing challenging healthy habits. So much of the world seems to have trouble implementing habits. I’m glad my community is good at it, and I hope the blog gives readers tools to help.

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