Recipe to get rich in America in 2 easy steps

July 18, 2019 by Joshua
in Entrepreneurship

How to get rich in America in two easy steps:

  1. Find something that people like but suspect or know is unhealthy.
  2. Sell a product or service that makes them feel it’s healthy.


High fat and keto diets: I’m not saying they’re unhealthy, but a lot of people think they are. They like the food. So selling the diet will make money.

Supplements: As far as I know, none of them make much difference. Occasionally one will harm. But telling people they are healthy will lead to making money. (Bonus trend: homeopathy).

Social media: I think most people know that what we call social media decreases happiness and quality of relationship. I would call them anti-social. They’re still promoted as increasing connection so they’ll make money.

Healthy at every size: Many people promote the idea that obesity has no bearing on health. Talk about something that will make money!

Trader Joe’s garbage: Trader Joe’s business model is based on more packaging. Nearly everything the sell is packaged. People know it pollutes. They put the word recycle on every package in some way. Now people feel they are helping the environment while hurting it. Talk about effective marketing.

Their stores appear to have more packaging than food. I see Trader Joe’s as selling trash more than food:

What do you associate with Trader Joe’s? I associate them with what they sell more of than food: garbage.

Opiates: The opiate epidemic seems to have gotten a big push, if it didn’t arise entirely, from the Sackler family telling doctors their products were healthier than they were, likely helped by complicit doctors. They made their money from telling people something unhealthy was healthy.

There are many other examples, especially with things that please the palate: olive oil, packaged food, and so on. Or expensive fitness trends. Plenty of others. I’ll probably add to this post as I think of others.

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