Reject every belief in my book but learn to create your own before adopting mine without learning that skill

October 23, 2013 by Joshua
in Blog, Creativity

People are emailing about my awesome new book everyone should read, ReModel: Create mental models to improve your life and lead simply and effectively.

Several people said they found a concept in the Introduction particularly meaningful, creating enthusiasm to read the rest of the book. I communicated that concept twice, first writing:

I’d rather you learned to create your own beliefs and forgot mine than didn’t learn the skill and adopted all my models.

Later continuing:

As valuable and helpful as my beliefs are to me, they are a minor part of this book. The major point is what they illustrate—that you can create and choose your beliefs. Again, I’d rather have you reject every belief in this book but learn to create better ones for you than to adopt each of mine but not learn that skill.

A couple people said they found this sentiment important enough to warrant me posting about it in connection to the series online, so I’m taking their advice.

I wrote the book to give you skills. Or, more precisely, to enable you to develop skills. I like the mental models I’ve deliberately and consciously created that frame how I see my world, but that doesn’t mean they’d work for everyone. Your ability to deliberately and consciously created yours will be more valuable than any of my beliefs or even any individual beliefs of your own.

The book speeds the learning process with examples and exercises.

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