Roots of my environmental action video

June 14, 2020 by Joshua
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People keep asking what motivates me, why I act differently than most. I recorded this video describing three threads starting from my childhood leading to my actions today.

I recorded in the treehouse my stepfather built for the grandchildren.


Below are the notes I practiced from. I didn’t try to follow them perfectly.

  • How people describe me now
    • I try to explain but they never get it so had to go back to beginning. Three or four threads
    • Preview three threads: 1, 2, 3, overview: If you participate in system, you contribute to it. And there is a way out.
  • 1. Grade school: US Constitution
    • Didn’t plan it, learned
  • 2. Physics, conservation of energy
    • Started nerdy, avoided for social reasons but eventually went for it
    • Satellite
    • Conservation of energy is fundamental
    • People creatively account with finances so try to sneak by accounting for pollution but nature is perfect accountant
    • Turning on switch pollutes. No exception
  • 3. Experimentation and challenge
    • Stumbled on Diet for a Small Planet
    • Avoiding meat
    • Avoiding hydrogenated oil and corn syrup
    • Avoiding processed food
    • Avoiding packaged food
    • Mental shift from expecting burden to joy, community, connection, and delicious
    • Vegan
    • Avoiding flying
  • Current strategy
    • Heard message of joy nowhere. Felt we could use a Mandela of environment. Only way forward seemed talks, which made me want to give up, then podcast. Reaching limit of it. Many ways for it to evolve: federating, celebrities, executives
The United States Constitution
The United States Constitution

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