Sailing across the Atlantic

December 18, 2017 by Joshua
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The longer I avoid flying, the more I learn to make my life as rewarding as I want without craving flying. Still, I wonder if I’ll see Paris and other places I used to fly to again. If I’ll eat Thai food in Thailand.

I started looking into hitching rides on cargo ships, but they don’t seem economical and they seem to pollute a lot, negating the point of taking one.

It’s not what you avoid. It’s what you replace the void with

I started thinking about sailing. At first, even I thought it sounded crazy, but the more I looked it up, the more reasonable and possible it sounded. Not to do a few times a year, but sometimes. More people sail across the Atlantic than I thought. At least a lot of people blog about it.

Sailing Across the Atlantic

Sailing Across the Atlantic

I don’t know how to sail, but I’ve talked about it a bunch since starting to think about it—not to learn to sail (yet), but to gauge reactions and maybe make connections.. At first people didn’t take me seriously, including myself.

I still don’t take it seriously, but I’m talking about it with more confidence. Lately people have switched from saying it sounds crazy to one person saying, “it sounds like the trip of a lifetime.” Then I knew I had crossed a threshold into speaking about it reasonably.

Who knows if it will ever happens, but I’d like to try. Writing this post is my way of starting to send my hopes to my communities. I hope someone out there responds to it, even people without boats. Then one day some people with a boat will invite me to cross an ocean with them.

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