SIDCHAs are a floor you won’t drop below and they don’t depend on others

May 2, 2014 by Joshua
in Fitness

Have you had problems? Have you felt depressed?

We all have. Sometimes life feels like it’s free-falling, like as bad as it gets it seems like it can still get worse and does. When life brings you down, it helps to have things that keep it from dropping lower.

Friends and family are resources people commonly cite as keeping their lives stable and keep them from dropping too low. As much as they help, friends and even family are outside your control, meaning you could lose access to them, leaving you vulnerable to suffering.

SIDCHAs, Self-Imposed Daily Challenging Healthy Activities, keep your life from deteriorating and they don’t depend on anyone else.

Having a few SIDCHAs stabilizes your life and helps keep you from getting depressed.

(Maybe this doesn’t apply for people whose conditions are far outside most people’s, but I bet they apply to a lot of people who think it wouldn’t.)

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