A Simple Way To Simplify Your Life

August 29, 2016 by Joshua
in Choosing/Decision-Making, Freedom, Inc.com

My Inc.com post today, “A Simple Way To Simplify Your Life,” begins

The Simplest Way to Simplify Your Life

This one step, iterated, will simplify your possessions and keep it that way.

Books started the process, which expanded to everything. I viewed books like everyone else: they showed people who I was, they added to my home, were useful for reference, etc.

I went through an experience that changed that. It started innocently. I decided to get rid of only my useless books–the ones I wouldn’t miss and had for no good reason.

Looking at my shelves it was easy to pull the junk from those worth keeping. Actually, there were some borderline ones, which I decided to be conservative about and kept. I still got rid of about a quarter overall, selling them to a nearby bookstore.

Read the rest at A Simple Way To Simplify Your Life.

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