Six Months Off the Grid in Manhattan: Admit It, You’re Living a Lie

November 22, 2022 by Joshua
in Freedom, Nature

You can imagine all sorts of reasons that made it more possible for me to live with my apartment disconnected from the electric grid than you, but admit it: if you didn’t know I did it, you’d believe it was impossible.

Yet today began my seventh month.

I’m not saying because I could do it, you can. I learned that because all human beings did it for 300,000 years, I could.

I didn’t think it would be possible and I’d lived with my fridge unplugged for eight months by then. I aimed for one month not knowing how I’d make it past a few days.

If you thought something was impossible and then it happens, some beliefs that led you to consider it impossible are wrong. That contradiction between belief and what happened is cause to reflect and grow.

What do you believe that my experience contradicts? What can you learn about yourself, your beliefs, and the culture that created the beliefs? How much less can you pollute while improving your life? I’d bet at least ninety percent.

I was living a lie before this experiment. I knew my pollution hurt people (and wildlife). I knew I could pollute less, but I told myself individual action didn’t matter and other lies.

Thank goodness I stopped myself and hurt people less for my comfort and convenience.

We’ll see if I make it to the end of this billing cycle, with the challenge of shorter days approaching the solstice, as well as the cold and wind. I posted my last bill when I got it, but here it is again, showing zero kilowatt-hours.

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