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January 4, 2021 by Joshua
in Art, Creativity

I’ve mentioned working on my book, which I intend to translate into video somehow—TV, movie, net, not sure. I’m at least a hundred pages into the first draft. I’m going to start sharing what I’d call sketches here of parts of the book that I think stand on their own. I’d love your thoughts.

Any book I write needs to be personal, so I have to introduce myself. Experience has taught me that my education leads some people to see what I do as less attainable. On the contrary, much of my education taught me compliance, not to think and act for myself. While it gave me facts and access to finance, consulting, and the military-industrial complex, I didn’t want to enter any of those fields. I had to unlearn a lot.

Here’s a beginning I’m playing with.

I wish I could say my path to leadership in sustainability and stewardship began with me destitute and depressed, living in squalor, nothing to look forward to, so I could learn the problems, pull myself up by my bootstraps, and solve this problem.

How I started was far worse. Instead I had five Ivy League diplomas. I was happy, confident, and though I’d built and lost a fortune, saw a bright future, and confident. Worst of all, based on my success in school and work, I knew the problems with the environment better than most and I knew the solutions too. I knew how carbon dioxide trapped heat and how to sequester it, how fusion could produce energy too cheap to meter, how to create organizations to implement solutions. I knew markets, technology, votes, efficiency.

In other words, I was the height of the problem.

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