Solo gallery show first images and video

June 19, 2011 by Joshua
in Art, Creativity

Here are a couple videos of my solo gallery show “Motion in Stillness” at the Crossing Art gallery in Queens. Yesterday was the opening. These videos are from before the opening. Better quality video will go up soon. Some people at the opening had some serious cameras.

From before the press preview, here is a quick tour of the show. As always with my medium, only seeing it in person does it justice. Still, it’s something.

Some of the pieces were still under construction (the ones showing the animations in the back) and the camera is the low quality one in my phone. Another recording, slightly better, I’d say, is here.

From Friday, after the press preview and before the opening, my sister, father, and niece came to see the exhibit before it opened. I missed getting video of my niece’s best reactions, running as fast as she could in front of the displays. Here she is directing my sister for what to show her.

Kids love the medium.Joshua Spodek’s Solo Show Pre-Press Preview at Crossing Art Gallery

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