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February 27, 2017 by Joshua
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If you read my blog, you know I care about education and that, despite my Ivy League PhD and MBA, I’ve learned enough outside of school to consider classes outside universities more valuable in many areas. I value other venues. Hence creating my classes.

Maybe you’ve thought about creating your own classes. I support trying. You’ll learn a lot in the process. If it takes off, you could become successful.

I’ve been invited to participate in an online week-long event on creating online courses. You’ll learn from the experience of me and many people who have created online courses. It started today (sorry to be late, but you can still participate in all of it). It’s called the Teach and Profit Summit.

Step one is to get the summit playbook, a guide on how to create, promote and profit from online courses by teaching others what you know.

I’m in it, as are other big names like Danny Iny, Marisa Murgatroyd, John Lee Dumas, Jane Deuber, John Corcoran, Laura Roeder, Ankur Nagpal, Natasa Denman, Jim Niswonger, Devin Slavin, and more.

I’m not an organizer, but since I’m presenting in the online seminar, my links get you free access to the guide (full disclosure: this is an affiliate link, so if you register, I get a commission, but the guide is free so you can find out more before deciding):

While I’m proud of my courses and the tremendous testimonials they get, if I could go back, I would have done something like this summit to learn from others’ experience and get here faster with less pain.

Naturally, I consider my segment tremendously valuable, based on my experience teaching at elite universities and creating my own courses independently. And these other people involved have been doing it longer than I have so have more experience for you to learn from.

Joshua Spodek at the Teach and Profit Summit

See my seminar at the summit!

Here are a few of the speakers’ presentations in the order they happen:

Step 1: Creating Your Online Course (Packaging your knowledge and expertise)

  • “The Rise of The Educator Entrepreneur” with Danny Iny
  • “How To Create Lucrative Products, Courses and Programs Your Customers Will LOVE” with Marisa Murgatroyd
  • “How To Focus On What You Do Best and Not Let Technology Stops You” with Ankur Nagpal
  • “How To Create A 6-Figure+ Course Empire In 12 Months of Less” with Devin Slavin
  • “How To Design An Exceptional Course Experience That Becomes The Profit Engine Of Your Business” with Jane Deuber
  • and more

Step 2: Marketing & Promoting Your Online Course

  • “How To Sell Your Courses and Programs Through Webinars” with Jim Niswonger
  • “How To Generate Leads and Close More Sales For Your Courses and Programs Through Facebook Live” with Jessica Brace
  • “How To Use The Power of Podcasting To Attract Massive Audience” with John Lee Dumas
  • “How To Connect and Build Relationships with Big Influencers and Get Them To Promote You” with John Corcoran
  • “How To Recruit and Manage Army of Affiliates to Promote Your Courses/Programs” with Tom Morkes
  • and more

Step 3: Monetizing (Making Money From Your Online Course)

  • “How To Break Out Of The “Time-For-Money” Trade by Offering High Ticket Programs” with Frank Bria
  • “How A Mom of Three Made $25K On Her First 2 Months In Business, Left her Corporate Job, Retired Her Husband and Moved To Her Dream Country” In Month 4” with Tepsii Tsikororo
  • “How To Become a 48 Hour Author And Turn Your Book Into Income” with Natasa Denman
  • “How An English Teacher Turn Her Expertise Into a 6-figure Business By teaching English As a Second Language” with Shayna Oliviera
  • “How To Multiply Your Income By Certifying Coaches To teach Your Signature Programs” with Sheila Paxtona
  • and more

If you’ve thought about creating courses, I recommend taking a look and participating if it looks good. I’ve you’ve thought about sharing what you know to teach others, there’s nothing like starting.

Click here to start:

After you register

After you register with the link above, you can attend my seminar, along with everyone else’s. The guide explains everything.

Joshua Spodek at the Teach and Profit Summit

See my seminar at the summit!

When your course starts, tell me about it!

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