Spring means it’s about to get noisy

April 16, 2024 by Joshua
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The temperature yesterday approached 80F (26.5C) and was in the low to mid 70s (23-24C) today. That means my neighbors are going to start using their air conditioners.

As best I can tell, several of them turn them on in May and turn them off in September or October. The street constantly sound like air conditioners. Sound pollution is pollution. Regular pollution is pollution too, and air conditioning provides plenty of both.

Still, people want that blast of cool air when they get home, even if it means air conditioning an empty home all day. The building almost across the street is a fire station. I doubt they pay for their electric bill, so I’m not surprised to hear their air conditioner running when I’m pretty sure no one is using the room the air conditioner conditions.

I bet a bunch of them keep their windows closed in part to keep out the noise of other air conditioners, which “forces” them to turn on their air conditioners. How did we become so dependent? Why do we “solve” so many problems with polluting and depleting?

Why do I have to dread spring from having to hear nonstop noise for four to six months?

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