Student reviews from teaching Leadership at NYU, spring 2023

June 5, 2023 by Joshua
in Education

I post student reviews of my courses. I post all, no cherry picking. This year, I only received three qualitative reviews for teaching the Senior Seminar in Leadership:

Thanks for such an amazing semester – you and your class truly inspired me and gave me a new perspective on leadership and how to lead.

Just wanted to thank you for this semester and for teaching this class. I believe it is a crucial aspect that lacks in today’s society. I felt inspired throughout the semester and above all with your story. I’m sure you already noticed I am pretty enthusiast of entrepreneurship and I respect those who risk it all for it. When you explained your story I couldn’t believe it. There were no problems with the idea, none with the technology and the impact that it could have made in the world could have been huge. I thank you for sharing that with us and for inspiring us to keep going regardless of what can happen to us.

I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for a great semester. At times I felt the work to be difficult, but after patience and practice I believe I was able to gain some sort of mastery over the techniques. I really appreciated your vulnerability when teaching us about your own personal leadership journey, and the adversity you faced. Moreover, I appreciate your willingness to help me when I reached out regarding my difficulties in class, specifically when I felt I had been disrespected by another student. Thank you again for the great semester.

For reference, I posted past reviews in:

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