Student reviews of my leadership course, summer 2018

October 3, 2018 by Joshua
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A student review for my leadership course

A student review for my leadership course

Last summer, I taught a short version of my course to working professionals. I taught it through NYU, though it’s one of the courses I teach independently online and in corporations. It overlaps with my coaching for leadership clients.

Here are the student reviews—as usual, all of them, no cherry-picking.

Summer 2018 leadership student reviews

Yes, I would definitely recommend this course to others. The combination of interactive classes, consistent feedback loop, historical examples, and in-person troubleshooting made it a very productive use of a mere 12 hours. I will definitely use these techniques in the future both at work and in my personal life.

I would describe it as a course that teaches you relationship management skills in a unique way that provides you skills and tools to get to the crux of what, how, and why you can maximize your relationships with others. Highly interactive class the keeps you engaged and wanting to do more examples and learn more.

Would absolutely recommend this course to others.

Can’t believe how much I’ve surprised myself.

To describe this course I would explain how much you learn about leadership but also how you learn to apply the skills in all aspects of your life. This course will challenge you in a great way. It will lead to a lot of self-reflection and an increase in understanding yourself. I learned more about my own motivations/passions that I ever expected. I learned how to understand and motivate others which has led to more fulfilling relationships. Very happy and satisfied with the class.


Thanks for a great 4 weeks and my first real insight into GREAT LEADERSHIP.

ABSOLUTELY! I think overall this class was designed to help me think outside the box with leading and guiding people around me. The “activities” aren’t common in everyday conversation and they really help people open up. Even just to get out of the office and hear opinions and struggles or goal of like-minded people, this is a great course.This course could be described as an opportunity to exercise new ways of conversing as well as a more confident approach to internal and external relationships in work and personal life.

I think it would help if the class was longer.


Yes, I would recommend this course to others.I would describe this course as “a different class,” where there is not much theory but there is so much to learn from Josh and other students. We all learn from our classmate experiences since most of the class is talking about the experiences of the exercise from the previous week.

I believe the “What is your passion?” question will change my life in many ways (positive changes) but also help me become a better leader.

I believe the only negative part of the class is the fact that we only had 4 weeks.

Yes, I would definitely recommend this course to others new to management/leadership roles. This course was very eye-opening when it comes to true leadership vs. management and I know I’ll use these skills (techniques) in many aspects of my life.This course involves a well practiced and thoughtful step by step approach to fostering meaning, understanding, inspiration, and ultimately leadership.

I enjoyed the videos on each exercise’s page of your website when you talked through the exercise with someone.

I would recommend the course to others, yes.

The course teaches the difference between leadership and management. The focus of this course is to connect with people you want to lead, figuring out their passion and motivation in order to use this to inspire those people to do a task for you, while they enjoy doing it. It involves lots of training and exercises.

I already recommended it.

Great opportunity to discover more about other people. Leadership is not just about you.

Yes, I would recommend the course to others. I like the interactive, practical nature of it. I thought the in class rehearsals were excellent preparation for real-world application. The course also had an emotional component that I didn’t expect. I learn quite a bit about my own passions in addition to others’. Even if becoming an outstanding leader isn’t your end goal, the course is useful for learning effective communication strategies.

Thanks for a great course.

I don’t think I would recommend it. I would describe it as too focused on asking people what their passions are. I think that concept should be for one class, not stretched out over 4 weeks. I think it needs to focus on what can be done in a difficult situation for leadership. How do leaders handle conflict, etc. I think the concepts of making sure employees are understood, empathy, and support are all good. But I don’t think what someone is passionate about is as necessary.

The course focuses on exercises that will prepare you to lead someone through their passion. I think the step by step exercises are good. However, it is difficult to achieve the number of experiences requested in the allotted time frame.

I really enjoyed the personal experiences and examples. I found those most useful when attempting the exercises.

This course is based on the foundation of practicing leadership concepts, learning how to make connections with people to lead them effectively. Done tactically through exercises.

Overall, great class and covered a lot in 4 weeks!

Yes, I would recommend this course to any manager. I would describe it as a class in tapping into emotions and motivations to inspire and lead people. I really appreciated that the exercises got me out of my comfort zone and forced me to think about how I’m connecting with people. I really enjoyed the speeches being dissected to show the flow and formula.

Thank you!

Yes, I would, and have, recommended this course to others.

This is a crash course in tangible skills to apply to lead people, not just manage them. You’ll come away from the course more confident in your ability to lead others, knowing that you’re equipped with specific exercises to connect with them and ultimately inspire them.

Yes, I would recommend the course to others! I think others, specific people in my company, could really benefit from the exercises and the meaning behind them.I would describe the course through the exercises. I really feel like when you tie the emotional factors in, the conversation gets real!

Thank you, Josh!

I really appreciate the lessons and inspiration you have given us.

Would recommend

Course is very leadership focused and is great for the bigger picture approach and techniques but for new managers who are looking for more technical management techniques, it may be slightly intimidating.

That said, I really enjoyed the class and think that the exercises and methods we developed will definitely be helpful to my approach moving forward.

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