I’m not trying to save the world. I’m helping people improve their lives.

October 2, 2018 by Joshua
in Nature

People keep describing my working on the environment as “saving the world.”

I guess I can see the confusion, and I don’t mind improving the environment being a side effect I like, but it’s not what I’m doing.

I call the podcast leadership and the environment, with the word leadership first, for a reason.

My main goal is to help people improve their lives by living by their environmental values. My work is about people first—to enable them, not to tell them what to do.

Living thoughtlessly doesn’t improve your life. Knowing your values and putting off acting on them, which nearly everyone does, especially Americans, leads you to repress your feelings and beliefs, lowering your self-awareness (subconsciously undermining the claims nearly everyone makes of awareness, which means nothing or less).

Who doesn’t want you to improve your life?

Meanwhile, there are many voices who claim to say they’re improving your life and the environment who don’t want you happy: McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Monsanto, Starbucks, Facebook, and their peers. They spout motherhood and apple pie, but they’re trying to get your money.

I suggest that they are worsening your life by saying you need them and that the sooner you ween yourself from them,

  • the happier you’ll be
  • the more you’ll connect with friends and family
  • the less overweight and obese you’ll be
  • the more confident
  • the more independent of a system built on making you feel incomplete you’ll be.

Here’s some Starbucks garbage, making the mess of the planet that they do to your body and mind:

starbucks garbage

Starbucks garbage: it’s what they and their peers make

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