A student’s testimonial

May 25, 2014 by Joshua
in Education, Entrepreneurship

NYU-Poly collects student evaluations of courses and Professors. One of my students liked the class so much she sent me her evaluation to post independently and publicly. I feel honored and flattered.

Professor Spodek’s dynamic personality captured my attention from the start of  the first class in January 2014. I have an entrepreneurial mind and I still remember lessons from the first day applying, making me a better business thinker already.

The course was Entrepreneurial Marketing and Sales, which he covered. It went above and beyond my expectations in refining my Marketing skills. We started by identifying unmet needs, coming up with solutions, and taking it to the next level in talking to people and developing the ideas. Through simple steps, I developed the idea to where I found myself planning a startup! I didn’t realize how easy it was to go from unmet need to marketing plan. He gave us the opportunity to think as an entrepreneur and create a marketing strategy that works.

Dr. Spodek’s class also helped put the other courses in my graduate program into a new focus. His class gave me skill-sets that I use everyday as student, employee, and in my personal life.

I highly recommend Professor Josh Spodek to any student that wants to become a better entrepreneur, learn marketing strategy, or master communication skills in multiple mediums that allow for career and interpersonal growth. I wish I could take more classes with him.

— Mana Kashuk

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