Taxing pollution, not income, makes more sense

August 25, 2018 by Joshua
in Freedom, Nature

If there’s one thing we want government to do, it’s to handle things like stealing, assault, and trespassing—where one person’s behavior hurts another. If I damage your person or property, government handles resolving the conflict without vigilante justice.IRS 1040

What is pollution except people’s behavior affecting others?

I don’t care if you give yourself cancer, flood your home, or throw trash on your property, but when you affect everyone else’s health, property, and budgets, few argue against government handling that conflict.

Why don’t we switch from taxing income to taxing pollution?

The government isn’t going away and it needs money, so I don’t see us getting around paying taxes.

Besides, earning money seems like something we want people to do. Polluting seems like something we want people to stop.

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