Teaching children sustainability

December 16, 2022 by Joshua
in Education, Nature

I hear people talking about teaching children. I’ve been researching resources on teaching kids sustainability. I can’t find any that look like people who learned to live sustainably created them. I don’t hear as much about teaching adults, in this case, their teachers.

Want to teach children sustainability? If their teachers don’t practice living sustainably themselves, it will be like people who don’t know piano trying to teach how to play piano: lots of advice that may sound good, but if it doesn’t lead the teacher to act, it likely won’t teach the children.

Lead teachers to live and act sustainably if you want children to live and act sustainably. If you don’t live and act sustainably, how do you expect to lead teachers to? If you want to influence others to change, you have to start with yourself.

Teaching children won’t likely work if adults don’t change. The children will see we’re just feeding them something they can forget about when they get older if we don’t live by the values we teach them. You can’t lead someone to live by values you live the opposite of.

Want leaders of corporations and government to learn sustainability and act sustainably? Again, you have to start with yourself.


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