The irony of my last two posts

December 24, 2012 by Joshua
in Blog

I didn’t notice it until a few people wrote and called me about the awesome Vince Lombardi quote and I looked at the post on my front page followed by the previous day’s post on karaoke.

So I wanted people to know that the irony, if that’s the right word, is not lost on me that I had back to back posts on one of the greatest coaches of all time talking about winning at the highest level versus me taking pride in singing karaoke.

It sure looks like someone set his sites low, and I don’t mean Vince.

Still, I stand by my posts and feel no shame in taking pride in just singing karaoke when others feel horrible when coming in second in the NFL.

Everyone takes their route to greatness. I may have not yet won my equivalent of five football championships in seven years, but I’m not dead yet either. And if I die before I do… well, I’ll be too dead to care. And I haven’t yet decided if my greatness will be in the form of such outward notoriety.

In the meantime, I would rather take inspiration from him and people like him and pale in comparison than look great by surrounding myself with clowns. The comparison motivates and inspires me.

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