The rare taste of blood

August 25, 2020 by Joshua
in Nature

I hope I didn’t make too morbid of a title. I cut my finger the other day chopping an apple. My finger started bleeding like in the picture but my pinky finger.

I think it’s instinctual, but I licked the cut. Being instinctual make sense since research shows saliva helps blood congeal.

It was one of my rare (no pun intended) times since stopping eating meat in 1990 to taste blood. Kind of salty. Not that much thicker than water. I don’t see the draw of eating meat. I’ll stick with not eating it.

I used the occasion at last to buy a knife sharpener, as usual used off Craig’s List. I’d meant to get one for a while so was glad for the excuse. You probably already know, but sharper knives are safer than dull—also more enjoyable.

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