The time and money we spend on social media, clothes, and gaming is insane, part 2: clothes and gaming

February 15, 2022 by Joshua
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I share the numbers below because people react to my cooking as if I’ve sprouted a third arm or somehow magically have extra time or money. Never mind that home cooking saves time and money, look at how much people spend on these polluting activities, much of which I suspect they themselves would say doesn’t improve their lives.

I’d bet they’d say much of it worsens their lives. Meanwhile, I waste nearly no food. I find cooking wholesome and healthy. Old clothing and electronic equipment are destroying the places we dump them, largely poisonous materials.

How much do Americans spend on clothes per year?

The average household spending on clothing and related services (such as tailoring and dry cleaning) is $1,803 annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2016 Consumer Expenditure Survey.

The average person spends around $161 per month on clothes – women spend nearly 76% more than men do on clothing in a year. The average family of four spends around $1800 per year on clothes, with $388 of this on shoes.

most women, on average, will spend somewhere between $150 and $400 on clothing on a monthly basis, which equates to approximately $1,800 to $4,800 per year.

The average American woman has 103 items of clothing in her closet – more than enough to put together outfits for any occasion, you might think. But she considers 21 per cent to be ‘unwearable’, 33 per cent too tight and 24 per cent too loose, according to a survey of 1,000 US women by.

Average Cost of Clothing Per Month Will Surprise You

Men aged 16 and over spend an average of $323 per year on clothing. Surprisingly, the men spending the most are between 45-54 years old. They spend $121 more per year than men aged 35-44.

On average, women aged 16 and overspend 76% more than men of the same age. Women spend around $571 per year. Women aged 45-54 also spend the most, though, at $793 per year.

Women have an average of $1,000 to $2,500 of clothing sitting in their wardrobe. Even though this seems high, 9% of women have more than $10,000 sitting in their closet!

More than 50% of women claim 25% of their wardrobe sits in the closet collecting dust. This equates to around $600 thrown out the window.

32% of women own more than 25 pairs of shoes.

73% of women update 25% of their closet every 3 months. Just over 15% of women don’t have any clothes older than 5 years.

The average person buys 7.8 pairs of shoes per year.

According to a study conducted by One Poll, 52% of women have shoes in their wardrobe that they never wear. The top reason was the shoes were so uncomfortable that women could not even walk in them. Many of these women even knew the agony the shoes caused when buying them but still went ahead with the purchase. Of the 52% of women with unworn shoes in their closet, many of them thought they would find an occasion to wear a specific shoe but have yet to find it.

Have You Ever Wondered How Much Women Actually Spend On Clothing & Accessories?

The average woman (with a life expectancy of 80 years of age) will spend approximately $125,000 in her lifetime on clothing and accessories. This will equate to just over 3,100 different items and include 145 handbags, 185 dresses and yes you’ve guessed it, over 270 pairs of shoes.

Women, on average, will spend somewhere between $150 and $400 on clothing on a monthly basis, which equates to approximately $1,800 to $4,800 per year. It also appears that a woman’s spending habits are extremely closely related to their personal lives, especially their relationship status. A woman who has recently broken up with their partner will typically go all out and start spending outrageous amounts of money on clothing and accessories

1 in 10 women would typically buy an item of clothing, on a weekly basis, usually during their lunch break, so they could wear that piece of clothing on the same night once they have finished work.

1 in 7 women regularly hides clothing and accessories they have purchased from their partners.

3 in 5 women complain on a daily basis that they can’t find anything suitable to wear in their wardrobe.

A significant proportion of women use shopping as a way of relieving unhappiness, and some respondents attributed their emotional shopping spree as a thrill they just cannot control.

US consumers spent record amounts on video games in 2020, NPD reports

Spending on video games set a new record of $56.9 billion in 2020 in the US, according to a new NPD Group report, a 27 percent increase compared to 2019. Spending on hardware hit its highest level since 2011 at $5.3 billion, a 35 percent increase compared to 2019.

US Continues to See Growth in Time and Money Spent on Video Games, While Overall Participation Records a Slight Decline Over Last Year Reports The NPD Group

“Although we have seen a slight reduction in the percentage of Americans that play video games, we are still well ahead of the 73% we saw in 2019,” said Mat Piscatella, U.S. video games industry analyst for The NPD Group.

There was a dramatic increase in time spent playing games from 2019 to 2020, with average hours played per week jumping from 12.7 to 14.8, respectively. And the growth continues, increasing to 16.5 hours per week this year.

One segment that has played a major role in driving these gains is among more mature U.S. gamers ages 45-64. In 2019, 65% of consumers in this age group played games for approximately 9 hours per week. This jumped considerably in 2020 to 69% playing for approximately 12 hours per week, and 75% this year playing for approximately 16 hours per week.

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