This Sustainable Life turns 5 today

November 30, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

I posted the first episode of This Sustainable Life November 30, 2017, then called Leadership and the Environment. The old name doesn’t sound as appealing, I think, but still feels more accurate. A team has formed and evolved of people helping the mission. We’ve tried to find a name perfectly mixing appeal, accuracy, and other virtues, but haven’t found better.

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I’ve posted 645 episodes, which means 2.5 episodes per week, quite a clip to keep up for so long from one view, if you think it takes a lot of work. From my view, I’m barely starting. That view includes my mission of changing culture, in which the podcast is a strategic path to reaching and leading more influential people, in which more episodes means climbing more rungs in a ladder with a definite top. The view also includes how much I learn from nearly every guest. The podcast led me to develop what’s now called The Spodek Method, which creates the mindset shift without which acting on sustainability is a burden, but with it is a joy, I described more in this post. Plus, it’s fun. I love talking to people with experiences beyond mine I wouldn’t meet otherwise. I love hearing people others dream of meeting tell me how much they values sharing and acting on their environmental values.

Still, my mission is to change American and global culture to embrace sustainability. I don’t think I know anyone who wants to live sustainably. But I am increasingly working with the world’s most influential people, who will thank me for making the greatest issue humans have faced something they can act on authentically, genuinely, and effectively, creating a legacy for others, people with the recognition and influence of Oprah, LeBron, and Serena.

Suddenly culture will change and people will wonder that it took any challenge. Already many people have joined the team. In the meantime, I got another five years in me, which I expect will make everything so far look like we were warming up.

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