This Week’s Selected Media, April 28, 2024: Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, Marketing Made Simple

April 28, 2024 by Joshua
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This week I finished:

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Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, by Carlo Rovelli: I didn’t know when I borrowed this book that it was an international bestseller with over 13,000 online reviews. I only knew it was short and on a topic I loved.

I was indulging in an old passion I haven’t indulged in for decades. The early stuff about relativity and quantum I had studied. Some later theoretical stuff I had gotten close to learning in school, but didn’t reach. I had pursued mind-bending things that were consistent with experiment no matter how crazy they seemed.

Still, just descriptions don’t do justice to solving the problems and learning about the experiments. Part of me missed doing physics, as opposed to reading about it.

The last part of the book, which gets more philosophical … while I enjoyed it, I didn’t find his voice more compelling just because he knew more physics theory. I think if I set myself to it and cleared my scheduled enough, I could write a book on physics to change people’s mindsets.

I recommend it because it’s short and well-written, though I’d more recommend learning actual physics and working with some of the equations. Nothing explains nature as well as mathematics.

Marketing Made Simple, by Donald Miller: Now that my upcoming book is through the first round of copy edits and I’ve gotten the first endorsement from a major author and it’s glowing, I no longer have to worry if I’ll ever pass from being misunderstood by nearly everyone. Until now, as valuable as I considered my work, I didn’t see the point in amplifying my voice if people would misunderstand it.

Now I expect the book will help many people understand my point. I believe a large portion of the population will want to hear my message. After over a decade of development and practice, it’s time to bring my message and mission to the world, which means marketing.

The leader of the team working on creating my new web page recommended Miller, so I watched a couple videos of him and his work. I borrowed this book and found it just what I’m looking for: what I need to create teams and an effective web page.

If you want to market something to someone online, I recommend this book. It’s direct on what to do, why, how, and with whom.

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