My first tilt-shift: North Korea

July 20, 2012 by Joshua
in Art, NorthKorea

Okay, this post has almost nothing to do with North Korea, but I learned how to do the trick to make images look like miniatures, called tilt-shifting or miniature faking. I did it with an image of Pyongyang from the Juche Tower.

The top, though low resolution, shows the original. The bottom shows the retouched version. Click for larger versions. Anyway, it’s just for fun and practice. I think the trick has been played out on the web, but I wanted to try.

You can see more of Pyongyang too — unoccupied and unmaintained buildings, Soviet style, public spaces that could be beautiful. Many buildings had pastel colors that reminded me of Miami Beach, but I don’t think so many had such pretty colors in our visit six months earlier. I think they painted a lot of the city for the celebrations.



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