The top sign of a successful seminar series?

January 22, 2014 by Joshua
in Leadership

At the leadership seminar I led in Singapore I remember hearing attendees making job offers to each other.

The one in Shanghai led to a group of former strangers forming that continued to meet to follow up the seminar work for months. I haven’t checked recently but they might still be meeting.

But Saturdays’ seminar outdid them by far. An attendee approached me at the end while I was giving out the books. He said he attended one of my seminars a couple years ago. After it ended he talked to a woman who also attended. One thing led to another and they eventually got married!

Maybe it was just coincidence, but I think the topics and especially the exercises create environments conducive to meaningful, open communication. People commonly tell me about improvements to their professional relationships, especially their bosses. Anyway, I asked to meet for coffee so I’ll find out more.

So no guarantee you’ll get a job, hire someone, or make such a life development when you take one of my courses, but you can see the possibilities and precedent.

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