The Truth Behind Trump’s ‘Hoax’

December 1, 2016 by Joshua

My post yesterday, “The Truth Behind Trump’s ‘Hoax’,” began

The Truth Behind Trump’s ‘Hoax’

Entrepreneurs and big business know that meeting demand to curb emissions is good business. How can we get our president-elect to agree?

First, some context:

Reducing carbon is well beyond popular global support. It’s good business. It’s great business.

Yet our president-elect calls the global warming a hoax. He’s holding people back from helping. At Inc., we care about business, so let me put it in business terms: He’s holding businesses and entrepreneurs in particular from meeting market needs.

He’s holding businesses and entrepreneurs from making profit. Tesla, Google, and their peers are trying, but our president-elect is making them swim upstream.

I don’t know anyone who has any idea on how to change Trump’s position. As long as we don’t, our nation risks falling farther behind in meeting global demand.

Read the rest at The Truth Behind Trump’s ‘Hoax’.

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