If You Voted for Trump, Let’s Meet.

December 2, 2016 by Joshua
in Inc.com

My post on Inc.com the other day, “If You Voted for Trump, Let’s Meet.,” began

If You Voted for Trump, Let’s Meet.

Two key skills in leadership are empathy and compassion. Is either side trying to understand or empathize with the other?

Living in Manhattan, I confess I don’t know a single person who says he or she voted for Donald Trump. I consider New York City one of the most diverse places on Earth and I like diversity. But politically, in this last election, I lived in a bubble.

The New York Times predicted a Hillary Clinton win at over 90% probability a few days before the election. They were unbelievably wrong and blindly so. Most people were.

People around here thought Trump and his supporters were crazy to think they had a chance. Or maybe quaint.

It’s incredible how blindsided they were. Now, weeks later, the people around here still don’t get how blind they were. Bring up Trump’s name, and most people around here call him names, especially “narcissistic.”

No one seems to want to understand him, his motivations, or his supporters and their motivations.

They don’t want to accept that many people prefer him. They seem to think everyone who voted for him is crazy or stupid. Since more than 50% of white women voted for him, they have trouble calling him sexist any more.

But they aren’t trying to understand him or them. Why not at least try?

I haven’t met anyone who is trying to understand the situation–why so many people voted for him and against Hillary Clinton.

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