An unhealthy gift

December 19, 2014 by Joshua
in Fitness

I noticed a package of chocolate on my shelf I’ve had for a while. I got it at an event at the Tesla store in Chelsea, which seems like a classy place. It looks like classy chocolate. It’s a package of four little truffle-like pieces.

I don’t love chocolate like some people do. The first ingredient on this package is sugar. A while ago I might have eaten it, but I dislike sugar more now. I look at a product with the first ingredient sugar more as “sugar with some chocolate added” than as “chocolate with some sugar added.” That’s part of the value of the skill of changing beliefs. When your belief makes something you don’t want to eat unappetizing, you don’t need willpower not to eat it.

Anyway, I was thinking about whom to give it to. I thought of a friend who loves chocolate. Then I thought about how she’s trying to lose weight. I wondered if it’s mean to give someone who wants to lose weight something with the first ingredient sugar.

When I asked myself why I might give it to her, I thought to myself, “because she doesn’t care what she puts into her body as long as it tastes good.” Thinking it so bluntly made me pause, which is why I shared the thought here.

Right now I don’t think I’ll give it to her.

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