Video of me volunteering, delivering the food they were going to throw out to a community center

January 18, 2023 by Joshua
in Habits

I’ve talked about my volunteering: Stores throw away perfectly healthy food as part of our broken system. A group of us pick up that food and bring it to a community center called the Chelsea Fridge. Anyone can take it from there for free, usually poor people, though anyone can.

I’ve meant to make a video of me bringing the cart to the store to pick up the food, bringing it to the fridge, unloading it, and walking home. Last night, I hauled a large load. I asked someone there to record unloading. It’s dark, though they turned a light on partway through, but you get the idea.

Everyone enjoys the free food. You can’t see the people at the store I interact with when picking it up, but I chat with them when they aren’t too busy and they enjoy that I’m saving the food too.

Since I drop off at a regular time, as noted in the video, most of the regulars and I are friendly. You’ll see Kevin help. You’ll hear others in the background. It’s funny, I recognize all their voices, but someone who doesn’t drop off three times a week wouldn’t recognize them.

I normally don’t drop off on Wednesdays, but I happened to have a meeting today a couple blocks from one of the stores we pick up from, so dropped off today. Here’s a picture of today’s load, about a third or quarter of a good Tuesday or Thursday delivery.

As you know, I avoid packaged food, but don’t mind picking saving it from the garbage to give to hungry people.

EDIT: here are some more pictures of drop-offs:

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