Voting litter

November 9, 2022 by Joshua
in Nature

These floor stickers are showing up on sidewalks all over the city. I’ll probably take more pictures of examples outdoors.

They’re litter. When I’m not in a hurry, since I pick up litter, I sometimes bend down, peel them off, and throw them away, though it’s hard because they use strong glue and break apart so it’s hard to get them all off.

I took this picture not because I have a problem telling people where to vote, but because there were already tons of signs outside and no possible other direction than to go but down this hall. Someone put about a dozen things that will sit in landfills for a thousand years every few feet.

If we didn’t live in a polluted world, in a polluting culture, and they didn’t pollute, I’d love the little attention to detail. But we do, and we litter everywhere. We have to jettison this value from another time of connecting emotion to disposable things, no matter how nice the sentiment. We’re creating quadrillions of pieces of waste just from packaged food. These once-nice-but-now-poisonous affectations are killing us.

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