Watch Growthbusters free this weekend–tackling the taboo at the root of it all

November 27, 2020 by Joshua
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Growthbusters movie

What almost no one talks about but that everyone can do something about,

the greatest taboo of our time, yet the greatest issue

driving covid-19,

driving all pandemics,

driving global warming,

driving plastics, mercury, dioxin, and all other pollutants,

driving the 2008 recession,

driving the coming recession (or depression),

driving more plastic in the ocean than fish,

driving there being no place to vacation not overrun with people,

driving people (maybe you) giving up on the environment,

driving the threat of nuclear weapons,

driving most wars,

. . . you get the idea . . .

motivating all these problems: perpetual material growth in a finite system.

Dave Gardner took on growth, running for office in Colorado, and created a documentary, Growthbusters. This weekend he’s making it free to watch.

It’s lighthearted but serious, comprehensive but accessible. Dave hosted me on his podcast, with a second appearance coming next month, and he’s appeared on mine.

Beyond our podcast episodes, Growthbusters treats the issue (growth) behind the issue of our times (the environment). I recommend watching it now, for free:

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