What “Educate women” means

December 21, 2020 by Joshua
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Even people who understand that overpopulation exacerbates every environmental problem refuse to see that lowering the population—which has been done successfully on national scales purely voluntarily, creating abundance and stability for all, as I spoke of here—can improve nearly every environmental problem.


People mistakenly point out how birthrates are below replacement in many countries, including the US, missing that we promote population growth and immigration. Moving factories overseas doesn’t decrease pollution and moving baby-making overseas doesn’t decrease population. Both cases increase pollution and inequality.

“Educate women”?

People routinely suggest that educating women helps lower population. It does, but I finally realized what people meant when they propose it.

They mean, “get other people to change, not me.”

They mean “stop bothering me.”

They mean “don’t hold me accountable.”

They mean “it’s not my problem.”

They don’t want to accept that they live in a system that promotes increasing population that they could help change if they wanted. Plenty of cultures have lived with high quality of life and stable populations for centuries—that is, longer than since the Industrial Revolution began degrading Earth’s ability to sustain life and society.

Educate Yourself!

I propose anyone suggesting educating others to change start with themselves. If you think others can change, so can you. If you think they’ll benefit from that change, so will you. If you want them to change, they’ll change faster if you start first.

If you won’t change, stop fooling yourself that others will.

Rather, you can change. Start and you’ll see ways to change others.

What I can tell you that no one else can

I can tell you what nearly no one else can. Having acted to live more sustainably, I can tell you that after you transition, you’ll enjoy life more. You’ll have more control over your career, lower your costs, spend more time with friends and family, live healthier, and so on. Doing so will make it easier for those less fortunate and privileged than you to do so.

If you’d like to start but don’t know how, write me or post below. I’m here to support. I’ve walked many people through starting. They’re glad they did and wish they’d started earlier.

In the meantime, I recommend changing first as much as you recommend anyone else should change.

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