Would you rather, part 5

April 2, 2019 by Joshua
in Choosing/Decision-Making

Following up my first post on this topic and my last one, and while the options below don’t have to be exclusive, people usually choose as if they are. Do you prefer . . .

To burn tons of fossil fuel to see the AmazonOr grow a plant at home?
To see a pristine paradise and tell everyone about it Or to let it be?
Coffee in a disposable cupOr to skip it until you don’t need a disposable container?
Saving time by throwing away disposable plates and utensils Or to have to wash the dishes?
To travel the world to see everything you canOr to discover yourself without distraction?
Someone guiding you everywhereOr to find your path?
Paper or plasticOr to bring your own bag?
To travel to relaxOr to learn to relax yourself?
To blame others for the pastOr to take responsibility for the future?
Comfort foodOr seeing your abs?

… and so on.

By the way, which do you consider more exotic, a mango available 24/7/365 at any grocery store or a turnip from a farmers market?


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