I Wrote 70 Gratitude Emails. Here Are My Awesome Results

October 19, 2016 by Joshua
in Inc.com

My Inc.com article today, “I Wrote 70 Gratitude Emails. Here Are My Awesome Results” began

I Wrote 70 Gratitude Emails. Here Are My Awesome Results

Science shows gratitude improves your life. I expressed it and found out for myself. You can too.

Research shows gratitude helps your brain, well-being, and business. I had an experience that helped develop gratitude, like a skill. The exercise was free, rewarding, and improved my relationships.

You might want to try it.

Gratitude exercises come in many forms–writing down three things or people to be grateful for before sleeping is the most common one I know. The one I did came from a friend’s class.

My friend, Jeffrey Madoff (no relation to the other Madoff), teaches a wonderful class, Creativity: Making a Living With Your Ideas, with tremendous guests. I sat in on one with a marketing and relationship genius named Joe Polish, who told how he went from down-and-out carpet cleaner to working with Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, and their peers.

Joe also talked about gratitude and challenged the class that if anyone wrote 10 gratitude emails a day for a week, he’d give them free access to his marketing course.

He didn’t have to tell me twice. I’d meant to try out this gratitude stuff for years. Plus, I like working with successful people. I set my mind to it.

It happened I was giving a talk in London, followed by a trip to Paris, plus deadlines loomed on my book, and so on. So began lesson one in gratitude: You have to make it a priority.

Read the rest at I Wrote 70 Gratitude Emails. Here Are My Awesome Results.

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