Year 3, day 3 with my fridge unplugged

October 2, 2023 by Joshua
in Doof, Freedom

I forgot to post that I just started my third year with my fridge unplugged, the last year and a half with the whole apartment unplugged.

Why did I forget? Because it’s a non-event. Last summer was challenging as I had never made it through a summer without a fridge and I was worried things would go bad faster. I knew then that all humans who ever lived didn’t use refrigerators before last century, as does much of the world today.

This summer more beliefs buoyed me: I made it last summer, I knew more how to ferment, I knew more how to shop, I knew fresh produce doesn’t need refrigeration, frozen pizza, ice cream, and doof do.

I had heard everyone knee-jerk parrot the same questions that I knew the fears and concerns were based not on experience or knowledge but superstition, especially environmentalists and liberals, whose practices hurt people with least access, despite their intent and wishes. My experience showed the fear and nonsense underlying the superstition.

Anyone can do what I’m doing and it will help those without access.

Ripple Effects

Buying less industrial food and doof means manufacturing less (fewer factories), shipping less (fewer container ships and trucks), disposing of less (fewer garbage trucks and landfills), less advertising, and less craving. It means more safety, health, time with family and community, fresh produce, bike lanes, fitness, and doing more cultural things. More resilience means a smaller grid, higher national security, fewer redundant power plants, and lower taxes.

Less doof in particular means less addiction, less advertising to children, improved health, less factory farms, less regulatory capture, less government corruption, less corporate welfare, and more.

More people envisioning a brighter future and knowing what they can do to make it happen means less anxiety, more support for business and political change, more effective legislation, and less partisanship on environmental issues. Seeing less energy per person in the future will lead to smaller families (equally loving) and a faster return to a sustainable population level.

These effects are a few that will come from a large portion of humanity living joyfully sustainably.

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