Your Daily Environment 011, We don’t cause climate change?!?

September 5, 2019 by Joshua
in Nature

My comments on Barbados’s Prime Minister disavowing responsibility for climate change despite the nation causing and promoting well above the world average in greenhouse gas emissions: “We are on the front line of the consequences of climate change but we don’t cause it.”

You may say I’m untimely, given the devastation they face, but I didn’t choose her words and I find her words irresponsible.

Shirking responsibility disempowers us when we need to act. She could have said, “we’re feeling the consequences and we contribute more than most. Seeing the consequences of our behavior, we will change. You will face these consequences soon too. We recommend you follow us.”

She didn’t. I believe responsibility and stewardship improves our lives. What improves your life more than taking responsibility for your behavior affecting helpless people?

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