072: Teaching leaders how to lead; Daniel Bauer, part 1


(Spoiler alert: Daniel takes on the biggest challenge so far. You could argue his circumstances make it easier than it sounds, but he's coming from Texas!) Leadership education and practice can begin in school. Sadly, in most systems it doesn't. My K-12, college, and graduate school nearly completely lacked training in the social and emotional skills of leadership, and I went to some of the world's great schools. That's why I wish the world had more Daniel Bauers. Beyond being a successful leader as a principal, he is also helping other principals lead more effectively too. He’s promoting servant leadership and leading by example within and outside educational bureaucracies. He doesn't have to. Most of my teachers and principals were satisfied to do their best in their classrooms and schools. Leaders create movements, instigate conversations, and influence systems. Daniel and I became friends before this conversation and seeing the challenges he takes on regularly, I’m not surprised by Daniel's commitment here. Listen and consider what you're capable of.

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