026: Joshua Spodek, The View From The Future


Our world is filled with systems based on beliefs that made sense in the past, but that evidence contradicts. Growth and technology are contributing to environmental degradation. The invisible hand doesn't win against the tragedy of the commons. And so on. We didn't create these systems but we can act to create new ones based on new beliefs, such as accepting having enough, or considering the results of our actions on others more, say, when we pollute or expand into new territory. Actions are easier when we adopt beliefs that will work in the future, based on what we know about the planet that we didn't before. In this episode I look at our world from a future where we've made things work to guide our actions today.

020: Joshua Spodek: The Big Picture


I describe the big picture of this podcast. So far I've influenced a few people to make modest changes. The big picture for this podcast is systemic change on a national, even global level. I'm not just hoping to achieve it. I have a strategy. It's different and I expect it to work more than the existing strategies. I describe how you can help.

018: Joshua Spodek: Enron Environmentalism


I coined the term Enron Environmentalism to explain the gap between what people say they value about the environment and what they do. If you're an American, you probably practice Enron Environmentalism. Sadly, it's the opposite of self-awareness and integrity, as this episode of the podcast shows. Learning the opposite will improve your leadership, your life, and as a side effect, your environmental impact. Here are the articles I mention: My Inc. article: Are You an Enron Environmentalist? From Energy Policy Journal: Does pro-environmental behaviour affect carbon emissions? From Environment and Behavior Journal: Good Intents, but Low Impacts: Diverging Importance of Motivational and Socioeconomic Determinants Explaining Pro-Environmental Behavior, Energy Use, and Carbon Footprint Enjoy the episode.

014: Joshua Spodek: My friend’s anger and why I’m doing the show


My friend told me this show angered him -- hearing people act as if little changes were significant... not knowing not to get new plastic bags. I shared some of my thoughts on people making trivial changes and what motivates me. I expect I'll share more personal thoughts on leadership and the environment as I develop my voice.

000: Joshua Spodek, About the Podcast


Why I created the Leadership and the Environment podcast, what it does, and how you can help.

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