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Leadership Step by Step, the book by Joshua Spodek




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Leadership Step by Step: Become the Person Others Follow

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Read the preface

Great leaders aren’t born with a “leadership gene”; great leaders develop the necessary skills and gain confidence through practice and hard work.

In Leadership Step by Step Joshua Spodek presents a thoughtful approach to becoming a highly effective leader that emphasizes the importance of experiential learning. It will serve as a valuable resource for leaders at all levels in any profession.

Indeed, Joshua’s practical exercises will help prospective, as well as experienced leaders, to master their craft and ultimately to succeed in leading and inspiring others in their various pursuits.

— General Lloyd J. Austin III, U.S. Secretary of Defense

Do you want promotions? Responsibility?

. . . Great relationships at work, with family, and with friends?

. . . To craft visions and make them reality?

. . . To speak with an authentic voice people love listening to?

. . . To lead people so they want you to lead them again?

Do you wonder why others advance faster, farther?

. . . How they do it?

As a science geek, I grew up with poor social and emotional skills. When I tried to lead, people did the opposite of what I asked (not joking). Now I work with titans of industry, world-class athletes, Nobel laureates, models, bestsellers, and more. You can hear me lead them on my podcast, for example, and they come back for more leadership.

I consciously and deliberately learned how to lead. I went to a top business school, but I didn’t learn it there.

Leadership Step by Step shows you how, based on my highly-reviewed courses and corporate training. Students say:


“Absolutely. I would recommend this course not just to peers, but anyone interested in leadership. Honestly, even if you don’t care about being a leader, this is the kind of class which can help anyone grow as a person, not only bettering themselves in terms of leadership, but also in terms of self actualization. The social skills you learn in this class have never been taught to me in an academic environment.”


“This course teaches leadership not just by reading theory, but actually putting the theory into practice. In most classes we are forced to regurgitate information back to the professor, in this class we are taught to be self-accountable, which is a skill everyone should have. What I learned in this class will stick with me for life.”

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Leadership Step by Step does what no other resource does

Everybody teaches leadership wrong, or nearly so. Nearly every resource—book, video, course, article, etc—teaches principles of leadership, not how to lead.

Imagine a world where everyone learned piano by lecture, discussing case studies, watching videos, but never playing the instrument. Or if we taught tennis by lecture and case study, but not on the court.

These fields are active, social, emotional, expressive, and performance-based. So are acting, the military, and many non-academic fields. None of them do we teach with classroom academics.

We teach them by practicing the basics and advancing as we master each level. The military even calls it Basic Training.

Leadership is also an active, social, emotional, expressive, performance-based field. Only no one created its basic training. Until now.

Leadership Step by Step gives you the equivalent of scales. Of basic training.

You’ll look back on other resources as teaching about leadership, not how to lead. They teach leadership appreciation and leadership history, like music appreciation and art history.

If you don’t want just to appreciate others leading, but you want to lead, Leadership Step by Step is the book for you.

Leadership Step by Step, the book by Joshua Spodek

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To see the life-changing growth Leadership Step by Step brings, here are the honest reflections of someone who did them, though unique to him. They are comprehensive, reflecting the magnitude of change.

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