3 minor fitness successes

April 17, 2021 by Joshua
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1. My heaviest kettlebell is 28 kilograms or 63 pounds. Now, exercises I couldn’t do at that weight I can do several sets of. It feels great to be able to do something easily that I used to be unable to do. I thought about getting a 32 kilogram (70 pound) on. Now I’ve decided to get one.


Nothing special about moving up a weight. What feels rewarding is that on Craigslist, there are many listings for kettlebells from ten pound to 30 or 40, a few for 50 up to about 60, but nearly none for 32 kilograms. I interpret the dearth to mean I’m stronger than most people. Part of the reason I started lifting was physical weakness.

2. I mentioned I got serious about doing a third world squat, meaning I’m working on it daily. My goal is to sit in a squat with both heels touching the ground and hold it indefinitely. Earlier this month when I rowed nearly 5,000 meters in 20 minutes, I nearly had it. I sat in the pose but was slowly falling back so couldn’t told it indefinitely. Close.

3. With only kettlebells at home, I squat one leg at a time, holding the kettlebell in one hand, called a one-leg suitcase deadlift. Besides strength, it helps build balance. For years, at least once a workout I’d have to touch my other foot to the ground to balance me. Occasionally, I’d do a set or even whole workout without my other foot touching, meaning balancing myself well.

My recent achievement was to make a whole cycle of my three lifting levels. To clarify, I lift every five days with the same exercises but at different intensity levels—hard, medium, and light. So a full cycle is a 15-day hard-medium-light set of 3 levels. Recently I did a full 15-day cycle without having to use my other foot.

4. A bonus fourth observation: I can sit in a full-lotus position for over 20 minutes with my hands clasped behind my back as I described before. In the full lotus, my feet rest nearly my hips. I’m not there yet, but getting comfortable with the hands-behind-my-back aka reverse prayer pose. Soon I’ll be able to sit that way comfortable indefinitely, or at least twenty minutes. I’m not saying it’s a big achievement, only that I’m glad to have gone as fare as I have.

Meditation Hands Behind Back

I’m not saying

I’m not saying these results change the world, but I consider them success, especially with the backdrop of turning 50 soon. Sharing motivates me, I hope not boring you in the process. The milestones motivate me to continue and advance. I hope they do you too.

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